I have changed blogs, so you will no longer see anything from this blog

I shall not tell you what my new blog is  or else EVERYONE would know.

Heehee keepin secrets are fun



I could always feel spring lingering at the corner, but now I can hear the spring birds sing!


Why can’t there be an anime from the teacher’s POV??
“Shit… There’s one student with blue hair again…”
“What the fuck are they looking at out the window??”
“No your ass can’t be excused because I know you’re about to perform some magical girl voodoo shit outside!!”

"Pregnant by music? Rachel, a young teenager from a fundamentalist Mormon community, believes in immaculate conception, while her fundamentally religious family regards her condition as an intolerable transgression. The search for the child’s origins is a revelation for the 15-year-old" (x)